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Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency

ALUMBRA is involved in the business project of ENEFGY which has developed a proprietary technology through which the energy consumption of any facility can be segmented, separating the air-conditioning, lighting, industrial cooling and power requirements. The hourly consumption of each facility is registered to identify bad habits in non-work hours, and all information is sent to a website where it is analyzed thoroughly and measures can then be taken to reduce consumption.

Energy Efficiency, along with the development of Renewable Energies are the main tools to achieve a sustainable balance between the progressive increase in energy demand that has been occurring in developed countries while reducing the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

In particular, the development of Energy Efficiency is driven by action plans and legal rulings that have been developed at all levels in public administration:


- European Union::

- In its review of the Energy Strategy for Europe, it sets a goal of optimizing the energy efficiency of the EU by 20% for 2020.

- In the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency it is emphasized that Europe wastes 20% of the energy it consumes due to inefficiencies. It quantifies the potential savings at 27% in the residential sector, 30% in the tertiary sector, 26% in transport and 25% in industry.

- Spanish Administration::

- The forthcoming Bill for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy sets a general goal of primary energy demand of 20% for 2020.

- The Spanish Strategy for Climate Change and Clean Energy plans to reduce by at least 2% per year the energy consumption compared to the baseline scenario (doubling the goal of the European Union). It stresses the need for collaboration between the Autonomous Communities and Local Government.

But beyond the demands and requirements that will be imposed by the different administrations, Energy Efficiency is meaningful by itself, since in the medium term it will provide more competitiveness for businesses, primarily in two areas:

- As a tool for reducing costs, in an environment of increasing energy demand as well as of increasing rates.

-As an improvement of the social image of companies, reflecting a greater awareness for the environment and contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.

But how can demand be reduced? The first thing is to know exactly how we consume energy. That is, how much and when you are using, and analyzing the data to take actions which reduce consumption.

Thermosolar Plants Eurosol I, II y III
» Plants of 50MW with Parabolic Cylinder Collectors in the municipality    of Solana de los Barros and in Calzadilla de los Barros.
» In promotion phase, acting as promoter the society Project Ensenada    I, Project Ensenada II and Project Ensenada III.
» Agreement sealed with owners of lands, guarantee and connection    point presented.
» Agreement signed with City Hall.
» In phase of obtaining permits and licences.
» In process of elaborating Environmental Impact Study, Urban    Assessment and Basic Project.
Photovoltaic Roofs
Alumbra Group manages, finances, builds and runs the photovoltaic installation to be implemented on your roof. You do not have to worry about anything: permits, projects, construction or investments. You just start receiving constant, reliable and long term income from the lease of your roof.
Thus, you do not have to dedicate any resources from your business to the photovoltaic installation, you will just receive income from the start of the production of electricity.
Photovoltaic Park
Arroyo San Serván
» Park of 10MW connected in May 2007 (prime 44 €)
» Promoted and developed by Alumbra Solar SL.
» Current operation by Fotowatio SL.
Wind Farm in Cantabria

Alumbra Group
has submitted a project to wind contest of the Government of Cantabria, forming part of a consortium integrated by Iniciativas Energeticas, Sistemas Avanzados de Control (SAC) and Alumbra Group. 

The Government of Cantabria, under Decree 19/2009 of March12th, which regulates the installation of Wind Farms in the autonomous community of Cantabria, published on 08/06/2009 the public competition rules for the allocation of Wind Power for the installation of wind farms in the Community.

These bases, which divide the Community into different territorial areas, urge those interested in installing wind farms in the Community, to submit applications for each territorial area, which reflect the proposals for wind farms in the area and prove the legal capacity and technical, economic and financial soundness of applicants.

The total power to be allocated is 1,400 MW, spread among seven different territorial areas. The consortium led by Grupo Alumbra presents its project for two zones, "C" and "D", with 210 and 205 MW of power, respectively.

The contest guidelines stress the importance of including in the proposal a Socioeconomic Implementation Plan and a plan of Research and Development to enhance the industrial and economic fabric of the region of Cantabria. Alumbra Group has designed a Socioeconomic Plan and a Research and Development Plan focused on energy efficiency.

Thanks to its link with Enefgy, a company specializing in Energy Efficiency, and to a partnership with the University of Cantabria, it has developed an energy efficiency program which will position the Government of the Community of Cantabria as a national benchmark in this area.

In addition it is also exploring the possibility of complementing it with a sludge treatment plant, thanks to Hera Holding Company, a plant that would help to solve the environmental problem of sludge treatment which affects Cantabria and other regions.

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Thermosolar Energy
Use of the Sun’s energy to produce heat 

Photovoltaic Roofs
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Wind Energy
Energy obtained from the wind.

Kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents.

Photovoltaic Energy
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